I thought I’d share some drawings from my sketchbook to show you the kind of work that I do most often, even if it’s not as finished or meaningful as I like my art to be. Most of these pieces I made for me, just because I love creating!

These sketches range from 2015 to just a few weeks ago.

I find drawing and inking intricate patterns and mandalas is really fun and calming for me.

I really enjoy doing more stylized portraits and drawings of people where I don’t need to worry about photorealism and just have fun

I also love working with the figure (live models and photographs) and creating quick drawings that way.

Figure Drawing

In the drawing course that I’m taking this semester, we finally devoted time to one of my favorite subjects: people!

We spent 3 weeks of class exploring the figure, which included drawing live models and spending time on our own pushing our drawings beyond just seeing the figure.  3 weeks is a long time to spend on just figure drawing, but now that I’ve had a break from it and I’m going back through what I drew, I’m ready to go at it again, exploring different mediums besides charcoal and chalk—something more outside my comfort zone—and see what else I can create.

The figure offers endless inspiration and possibility to make art, which is why I love working with it so much.






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