About Katy Lawler

Katy is a multi-talented artist and designer from Washington state.  She is passionate about art and has been drawing since her early years, and entered the vast world of graphic design during her college career. She recently graduated with her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Washington State University.

Apart from creating art, she enjoys zumba and dancing, playing the cello, and cooking with her husband.


Fine Art

Original Pieces |  I am constantly creating new artwork, from small weekly sketches to large ambitious projects.  I love experimenting with new mediums, as well as polishing my skills in drawing.  New and existing artwork is posted to this site under the "Art" tab, and I update it as frequently as possible.

Commissions |  I would love to help you bring your creative visions to life through drawing, painting, or other artistic mediums. Please contact me for details and pricing on your specific idea, and we can work together to create something that you will love.

Graphic Design

Digital Artwork |  Digital painting and photo manipulation are some things I enjoy doing, professionally and for fun.  I am familiar with and often use Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Logo & Brand Design |  Creating a look for your product or business is just as important as the product itself.  If you are looking for assistance with the visual elements of your work, I can help you design a look that illustrates your values and ideas.  Please contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have.


There are many elements that determine the value of artwork.  Factors such as materials, time, and printing can all affect the final cost.  Please contact me for a cost estimate for your idea.