I am passionate about making a difference and spreading tolerance and acceptance, but I am fiery in how I do it. This contrast presents itself in my artwork and brings new awareness to my audience. My making is driven by the need to create something that impacts myself and other people. I want my art to introduce people to new viewpoints and help them to see things in a different way—I want it to be beautiful and hard to look at. When people experience my diverse combinations of figures and ideas, I want them to leave with a better understanding of a new idea or an unconsidered perspective.

I make artwork that expresses my beliefs and explores, inspires, and challenges. My work gets my emotions and ideas out of me and into a physical space, which brings me emotional release. I represent the body in a truthful way, which manifests most often in black and white, but occasionally uses intense color. My artwork typically does not present a scene or a specific physical place, but rather conveys emotion through depictions of the figure combined with other interacting elements. Frequent themes in my work include the female perspective and experience, the meaning of beauty, freedom of self, nature and the natural, ritual, and rise/resist/reclaim.

Recurrent formal elements in my work include detail, realism, linework, and high contrast. My most used mediums are oils, acrylics, ink, pen, charcoal, and pencil, although I consistently strive to experiment with new mediums, and enjoy using unique or found three-dimensional surfaces for my drawings. I love creating art on, with, and out of all sorts of materials—especially the unconventional.